Black Friday Blues: News December 2020

I think we can all agree that 2020 kind of sucked. It wrecked havoc with the health and finances of people across the country and the globe. Being a professional writer means working from home is always an option, but even freelance work has been spotty. The lack of paid writing meant I had more time to focus on my literary writing, and I ended up with something to show for it. Accordingly, as weird as it is to compose some shameless self-promotion right now, I definitely have the opportunity to do so. I hope I am sufficiently grateful for it.

If you haven’t found an oversized stocking stuffer for everyone yet, this blog has some recommendations for all your thriller fans who can read. You can probably guess they’re all anthologies featuring stories written by me: the time travel collection “On Time” for the sci fi fan; the murder anthology “Hookman and Friends” for the slasher reader; or the retro styled “Scary Stuff” for the pulp horror connoisseur.

On the other hand, if you just want some fast and free Yuletide entertainment, you can read a couple of my pieces online. My slightly surreal psychological thriller “Worse Than Wolves” can be read at The Fabulist Words & Art. It is technically a Christmas story–admittedly one that may or may not involve werewolves–so this is the most appropriate time of year to read it. Likewise, introspective sci fi-flavored short “Life After Roswell” can be found in PDF form in the September 2020 issue of Red Planet Magazine’s archive.

Also, a guest post I wrote about unconventional time machines in fiction just ran at the Transmundane Press blog. Somehow, I managed to name-drop H. P. Lovecraft in it, although one of this blog’s specialties is getting Lovecraft name-dropped into everything. Feel free to give that a read.

All right, farewell to all that. What’s on the schedule for the next couple of weeks? This blog has a gift bag of Christmas horror movies to review when we get closer to the holiday itself, not to mention a firecracker of a haunted house flick to send out the year, all keeping up the purposefully-poorly-sketched-out theme of “homecoming.” But before we get into those, there might be one more anime series review post. Dark fantasy instead of murder thriller and decidedly retro instead of contemporary. Unless I decide to do something completely different. Either way, thanks for sticking with me, tonstant weader. Read you next year.

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