Lazy summer: News July 2021

Today is the Fourth of July, and what could be more fitting than a news report from this blog? It’s the American paradox: a self-aggrandizing service to others, one that is both lazy and responsible. I’m keeping up with my schedule, even if I’m not saying much.

We’re going to close out our spate of retro thriller reviews with another film noir. After that, we’ve got a couple of contemporary films, including one released this very year. See? I told you we were being responsible. Or at least organized in our irresponsibility. That very new film sports a concept readers of this blog might find somewhat similiar to a film we championed not too long ago, if you’re after hints. There’s some game stuff coming up too. We have make good on a promise recently made.

Other than that, there’s not much else on my radar right now. I don’t have anything new in print to report (I did just update my virtual resume, but that was mostly tidying). There’s no upcoming book I’m excited about. As for games, not much, although I am cautiously investigating the re-release of “Doki Doki Literature Club.” And the closest thing to a movie I’m looking forward to is “Shazam 2,” of all things, which is not coming out until 2023.

Hopefully that all means I have to do some more research. There has to be some media I ought to be anticipating but just don’t know about yet. If you have any ideas, tonstant weader, let me know.

I guess ultimately the main purpose of today’s post is simply to restate this blog’s mission: To be accepted by the blogging community at large as a serious editorial outlet, an intellectual and critical website… that philosophizes about cheap thrillers, pulp fiction, violent video games and anime.

It could happen. It would be a Fourth of July miracle, but it could happen.

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