Dice with the universe: News October 2021

Greetings ghouls and gamers, and welcome to October. Let’s talk about what we’re going to be talking about for the next month…

Ah, that sorta spoils things, don’t it? Yeah, it’s games still. But given that we’re in the most important time of year for thriller fans, it makes sense to really focus on the horror games. No more pussyfooting around. Actually, this blog wants to spend the rest of the year on cosmic horror, so cosmic horror games is going to be the place to start.

Cosmic horror is, of course, a kind of mashup of psychological horror and sci fi. It’s sci fi in that it tends to bring in alien or interdimensional forces – that would be the cosmic part – but it’s less interested in biology or technology, and more interested in the crushing psychological impact such forces have on the tiny and fragile human psyche – that would be the psychological horror part.

And who says this blog ain’t educational?

We’re going to be exploring games that explore those concepts up until Halloween, with some mild deviations. Expect a little dark fantasy here and there, maybe some other genres. It’ll be a liberal understanding of the definition for sure. But don’t worry – there will be Lovecraft.

After that, we’ll be transitioning into film, maybe a little television, but still from a cosmic horror perspective. There’ll be another theme though. Everything will be revealed. It’ll be interesting. Well, I find it interesting. You’ll have to find out.

Sorry that this is less news and more cryptic hints. If you’re out there, tonstant weader, and you have any general questions, comments or requests, lemme know. I wouldn’t mind seeing the news here take on a more interactive component. In the meantime, happy pumpkin carving.

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