What’s (not) on TV? News August 2022

Have you been having a good summer, tonstant weader? I have. Not. To various degrees. Let’s talk about being busy.

I have a couple of announcements. A short story I wrote ran at the online zine Primeval Monster (in the spring? Lawd I’m slow). It’s called “Agnosia,” and it’s about a young woman weekending at her uncle’s farm in the country. It’s a thriller, of course, with hopefully a hint of Rod Serling and a little Southwest mythos tossed in for good measure. Either way, with any luck you’ll never look at sunflowers the same way again.

As usual, I’m pretty bad at self-promotion. Which brings me to my other bit of news: This blog has a recently launched a Buy Me a Coffee page. In case you don’t know, Buy Me a Coffee platform is one of the lowest key ways to support content creators.

Have I really been doing this since 2015?

Basically, if you like what we do, you can throw us enough money to make a down payment on a cup of coffee at insert your-favorite-overpriced-coffee-house here. Whatever you give is much appreciated, and it helps to offset some of the time and energy I place toward posting. There are a couple of other ways you can support us though, which I’ve tried to outline at the creatively named Support This Blog page. So read the content, share the links, tell your friends – and do it soon, before I start attaching an obnoxious boilerplate to the bottom of every news post…

Either way, as far as the weeks ahead, there will be a couple of reviews of streaming shows. After that, I’m feeling like veering into film. Maybe games for a minute too. Everything will be a little retro and, hopefully, a little weird. Clock in accordingly.

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