Reviewing service

So if you’ve spent a little time on this blog, you might have noticed that what I largely do is review thrillers in a variety of mediums. I once lamented to a friend that, if I wasn’t careful, she was going to come away thinking I was just this “thing that dripped thriller.” Oh well. We all become ourselves eventually.

But maybe that doesn’t bug you. Maybe you’re a content creator. Maybe you have a novel or short film or documentary of other creative work that falls into a category you think I’d write about–cosmic horror, psychological thriller, pulp detective, haunted house Gothic, or some other offshoot or subgenre of horror, fantasy, sci fi or mystery. And maybe you like my posts–that whole trying to be funny while trying to be literate thing. First off, thank you. And second, why not have me review your work?

In exchange for a free copy of your work, I will give you a free review of it, unbiased by our relationship and informed exclusively by my background. What you get is free publicity in a form that’s easy on the pocketbook, a review that will go on a blog with regular traffic, that will always be something you can throw around on social media and will include a link to whatever website you provide me–an Amazon page, YouTube page, Patreon page.

Additionally, you will get my years of experience as a paid journalist and culture writer–as well as my years of experience watching old horror films and reading old horror books–which should translate into an intelligent yet accessible review of your work.

What I get is free content. You think ideas for blog posts just fall out of trees? Either way, everyone wins.

So if you want a free and honest review of your work and you think I’m the blogger to give it one, drop me a line at Colin (dot) Newton (at) live (dot) com with REVIEWING SERVICE in the headline and let’s get started.