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I suppose there comes a time in the life of every “content creator” when they ask for support from their audience. I don’t claim to be particularly creative, although I guess this stuff is content, whatever that means. Either way, I reckon that, for this blog, that time is now.

If you like this blog’s mixture of media review and metaphysical musing, consider buying me a coffee on our Buy Me a Coffee page. Whatever you give goes toward offsetting the time and energy I spend posting.

That’s just one way to support the blog. If you’re here, the odds are you’ve seen the kind of thing this blog covers retro and new media – books, movies, anime, games, TV – typically in the various subgenres of thriller – horror, sci fi, crime – with a little too much effort toward pocketbook intellectualism. We’re always looking for media to talk about, so if there’s something you want me to review that seems to be up my alley, drop us a line, free of charge, at Colin (dot) Newton (at)

You can also use the same email address to reach out and query my services as a writer or editor, and I’m always down to discuss guest posts. If you need some extra convincing, check out my virtual resume for a rundown of both my fiction and nonfiction at other sites, including various newspapers, magazines and anthologies. Or just look at the archives, but you’ve probably seen those. I mean, you got here somehow. Possibly by looking up “Serial Experiments Lain.”

And now I have no idea of how to end this.

Have I mentioned I’m really awkward at self-promotion?