Virtual resume

Below please find links to published articles and fiction that readers of this blog might find interesting, as well as a couple of professional highlights. This list will be updated as necessary over time.


Anthology – “Not At This Time.” Scary Stuff, edited by Nicolas Leamy and Jacob Jones-Goldstein. 2020.

Anthology – “These Spanish Boots.” On Time, edited by Anthony S. Buoni and Alisha Costanzo. 2020.

Magazine – “Life After Roswell.” Red Planet Magazine, edited by Megan Bush. September 2020.

Anthology – “Whose Woods These Are.” Crypt Gnats, edited by Dina Leacock. 2019.


Article – “West LA Gothic: The Westside’s Hidden Literary History is Written in its Architecture.” The Argonaut. Nov. 4, 2020.

Book review – “The Moving Blade.” IndieReader. Sept. 21, 2018.

Article – “Grit vs Globalism: What the City of Blade Runner 2049 Reveals About Recent Trends in Urban Development.” ArchDaily. March 9, 2018.


I have worked as a freelance journalist, and my writing has appeared in local papers like the Santa Monica Daily Press, the Malibu Times and the Argonaut, as well as IndieReader and other blogs. I have also worked for various media outlets, including NBCUniversal, KCRW and KCSN.

Outside of journalism, my short fiction has appeared in the Ignatian Literary Magazine, among other places. I have been a reader for the Speculative Fiction Foundation and the Scriptwriters Network, and I have been a screener for the Los Angeles Film Festival.

In 2018, I was a writer-in-residence at Oregon State University’s Shotpouch Cabin.